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A special area of Deviant Art that caters to the fans of Marvel's Jade Giantess, She-Hulk. This group is to celebrate all things Jennifer Walters and characters related to the Marvel Comics (specifically, other, actual She-Hulks). Not a place for your muscle-bound, green-skinned fetishes. And no lazy photo-edits.
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The final issue of Charles Soule's She-Hulk run puts an end to the mysterious blue file story, but at the cost of this reader's ability to care.

Right off the bat we see what happened in North Dakota that started all of this. Doctor Druid, Shocker, and Vibro (another Shocker, but without tech) are preparing a massive spell for the purpose of causing an alteration to reality. We then see Nighteater waiting to apply his power to the spell until they are joined by She-Hulk, Tigra, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), and Wyatt Wingfoot. During a skirmish with the imp-like demons we saw back in issues five and six, She-Hulk rescues a young George Saywitz and jumps him out of the spell's bubble, which had engulfed the whole town. Right as She-Hulk jumps back in, Nighteater finishes the spell, and in a flash of light, he becomes Nightwatch, a D-list superhero who helps to apprehend the three villains.

This was all apparently what Angie was able to tell Jennifer, and that Kevin Trench, aka Nightwatch/Nighteater, was originally a bad guy. Trench himself appears, stating that "no one is only one thing." He then goes on to explain that he wanted to switch sides because "there is no future in villainy", and that being a hero—however popular—is more beneficial. And the reason why the lawsuit was being filed by George Saywitz was because he still remembered what had happened due to him being outside the spell's affected area. Despite Trench’s best efforts, Angie was still able to uncover his reality-altering spell, and stating that reality “doesn’t like to be changed.” When confronted with Tigra’s uncontrollable attempted murder of Patsy, Trench is unable to answer why it happened, but passes the blame back unto Greer. Trench continues to refer to himself as being a hero, and says that “heroes don’t kill people, after all.” Jennifer says otherwise, but Trench points out that her memories of their adventures are true.

“That was the point. It had to be real, or it wouldn’t work. It did work, and so it is real.”

Jennifer points out the circular reasoning in Trench’s argument and questions his telling her of this. Trench pleads for mercy and says that he only wanted redemption. Jennifer points out that his claim for redemption was only a shortcut before she goes in for a punch.

Unfortunately, She-Hulk stops mid-punch, apparently under Trench’s spell. Hei Hei and Angie make their move, but are constrained by Trench’s magic trench coat (you know you saw that one coming). Hellcat jumps on Trench’s back, but She-Hulk grabs and slams her to the ground. Patsy is able to dodge nearly all of her friend’s punches until the mind-controlled Jennifer breaks her leg. Trench seemingly has the upper hand, stating that he will not need to bloody his hands with She-Hulk under his spell, and continues saying “heroes don’t kill” until he is blasted from behind by…Shocker?! (Side note, I like Javier’s design for Shocker in this issue. I guess that is a plus.) After being called an idiot, Shocker says that he was told what had happened by Angie, and that he did not appreciate his mind being messed with. Trench questions why the criminal is angry, even after he was paid for his involvement. Shocker responds with, “Because you didn’t bring me with you. Why are you the only one who gets to be good?”

Trench then uses his coat to wrap up Shocker and slam him to the ground. And before She-Hulk could deliver an attack on Patsy, Angie manages to remove Trench’s spell. After regaining her senses, Jennifer bounds toward Trench. The would-be hero pleads, saying, “I’m one of the good guys.” In one motion, Jennifer breaks Trench’s helmet and shreds his trench coat before getting one massive hand around his neck. Patsy pleads for Jen to not kill the man, but she tells her friend to not worry. Jennifer then states that, “heroes don’t kill people.”

We return to Brooklyn some time later, and Angie begins to pack up her things. Even though Jennifer apologized for her actions while under the spell, Angie still feels that it is time for her and Hei Hei to leave and to help other people. Angie is asked what she is, only to respond with, “I am you paralegal, Ms. Walters.” After some begging, Angie decides to stay. The three are interrupted by Sharon King, handing Jennifer a piece of important mail. Turns out Jennifer’s has been enlisted as counsel for the Inhumans in a complaint case made by the city. And the law firm representing the city turns out to be Jennifer’s former employers. With renewed vigor, Jennifer asks Angie to send a note on their fanciest stationery, stating, “See you in court.”

Turns out the big mystery behind the blue file was about a bad-guy Spawn clone altering reality to become a good-guy Spawn clone. Not that any of it truly mattered, since the utter lack of investment I had in this character was disproportionate to his importance in the title, overall. I still stand by my belief that issues eight through ten tell the best story, and it is a real shame that this book had to end on such a flat note.
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